The Process

A little bit of info for you, just in case you are wondering…
  • Step 1

    Team #MB, namely my son, daughter in law and their RSB Head Chef John sample and taste my food, made by me, in my kitchen, just as you would cook in your own home.
  • Step 2

    We agree whether it would or wouldn’t work when scaled up into a big batch.
  • Step 3

    We travel to Skipton in Yorkshire, to a professional factory True Foods.

    Before we go in we have a COVID test in the car park, even though I have had my jab, and once that’s ok’d we go inside.

    True Foods produce lots of food items you see in the Supermarkets; it’s huge, sterile, and staffed by lovely people, all of whom follow the Government guidelines.

  • Step 4

    In the comfort of the small test kitchen I cook my dish, just enough, for them all to taste.

    Then replication. Upscaling a dish meant for 4 into large batches takes some doing. I relax with a croissant and frothy coffee whilst the professionals do their stuff in the factory.

    All white coats, masks, hair nets, you name it, it’s like a spaceship in there!

  • Step 5

    Once the curry base is ready they bring it to me for tasting. In the first few weeks those boys just didn’t cook the onions for long enough, the vegetables need more roasting, there was a lot of back and forth, but now, they have the hang of it so the process is much quicker.
  • Step 6

    Spices are added then I taste again. In the early days of `#MB and because I measure by hand and eye at home it was hard but again now, they know just how much to use.
  • Step 7

    It all starts to come together. It’s a waiting game, I have another coffee, we chat about new ideas, then, I get the final taste. Its only then that it goes into full on production.
  • Step 8

    Bacterial checks, sanitized bags, all the official hygiene stuff then labels go on, usually we leave them at this point, head home.
  • Step 9

    The curries are delivered to RSB and a sample to me. We all open, heat and taste before they get packed up ready for collection/delivery to you.
  • Step 10

    We do it all again 2 weeks later!