Who is
Momma Bains?

Momma Bains is the mum of Sat Bains, two Michelin star owner and chef of Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham.

What is

It is a new product line from the family that is, Restaurant Sat Bains. It is homestyle Punjabi food that can be eaten as part of a meal or more simply as a snack. All samosas made at RSB, by the Chefs at RSB.
It is delicious, it is vegetarian, it is vegan.

The Backstory

Don’t let the shaved head fool you, I was born into a Punjabi household in Derby, by rights I should be wearing a turban!

Growing up alongside three sisters I enjoyed a wealth of Indian cuisine. Not all of it cooked well, but all of it cooked with love. Mealtimes formed a big part of my family life, many a football game was cut short because dinner was ready. In fact the staff food, the ‘family meal’ at RSB is a massive part of what we do for this very reason. A weekly menu with everyone sat together to eat (albeit now socially distanced and in shifts, there are so many of us now)!

As a kid I actually hated the smell of curry

As a kid I actually hated the smell of curry, when Mum was making spinach curry especially, (Saag) you could smell it down the street! Leaving home meant, that for a while at least, I had no access to mums cooking. I was a Chef now and had to fend for myself, but the smell of sautéing baby spinach would evoke memories of mum’s cooking, smell or not, and I would crave it.

Time’s moved on and now Mum visits me here at RSB. She often arrives laden with goodies, samosas being the favourite amongst the team. It was from these visits that the idea of #Mommabains was born. The first products, Samosas - traditionally served hot dipped into imli, a tamarind chutney, you would eat them alongside a chickpea curry, sholay. (I always prefer my samosas cold, perfect with a glass of milk and a side of ketchup!)

During a break in Yorkshire, with our friends, the Molnars, we found ourselves enjoying not only the sunshine but quite a few gins! (nothing unusual there) We came to the alcohol induced conclusion that #Mommabains, the samosas especially, would be a perfect vegetarian and vegan option, if cooked in vegetable oil of course, in chip shops. Who did we know with quality chip shops...? The Cod's Scallops of course; my shooting mate, Galton Blackinston, with his award winning chippy No1 in Cromer; and, of course, Jack Stein in Cornwall.

The aim of #Mommabains is to produce something delicious, both vegetarian and vegan. Something that can be served quickly, enjoyed as a snack or as part of a meal and we think we have achieved this.

Trials for #Mommabains, led by me and my right hand man, and now Director of #Mommabains, John Freeman, spent hours attempting to perfect the recipe. We tried many times, made lots of batches, enjoyed all the tasting sessions but in truth nothing matched the home made taste and style of the mix that Mum could make, so, we let her do it!

Development moved forward and we hooked up with Mitch at True Foods. Under Mum’s watchful eye, we batch cooked, upscaled, tried, tested and tasted. We upped the quantity, had it all professionally poked and prodded, making sure the quality and flavour remain the same – read more about our process here...

Under Mum’s watchful eye, we batch cooked, upscaled, tried, tested and tasted

With Mitch’s help, and mums spice palate we’ve developed a chickpea curry, tamarind chutney as well as a samosa mix, all done in one of the most professional, hygienic environments. (Mitch has been working with RSB for several years already). The mix then comes ready done to us at RSB meaning every single samosa is hand made at RSB, by the chefs of RSB. Each samosa is filled by hand, we are down to 3 a minute with John Freeman up to 4 a minute obviously... Makes sense as he is now a Director of Momma Bains Ltd!!

Amanda ensured a professional, true and artisanal product that reflected the ethos and authenticity of the real thing and led the way in making sure no short cuts were taken. At each step: packaging, logo design, marketing, she’s made sure same principles were applied as running a 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant.

We are really excited to continue developing the range – available exclusively from our website, the #Mommabains Truck, and the venues below.

Where can I buy #Mommabains?

For the moment, #Mommabains is only available at a selected few sites, carefully chosen to ensure that the product stays ‘on brand’.

Momma Bains’ samosas are available in Harrods, at Kerridge’s Fish & Chips.

In the Midlands we chose our friends and Winners of Chip Shop of the year, The Cod’s Scallops.

Finally, in Cornwall, our friends the Steins, who will be selling them in both Padstow and Fistral beach.

Interested in stocking #Mommabains?

Please get in touch with Momma Bains on info@mommabains.com